Aims & Objectives (LOSSA SPORTS)

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  1. To organize and coordinate all inter school competitions and related activities sanctioned by LOSSA.

  2. To provide opportunities and development of the individual coach and to stimulate professional growth.

  3. To provide the best possible opportunity for a high standard of competition through the finest inter school programs possible for the Association.

  4. To encourage and promote fair play, good sportsmanship and to enjoy a spirit of good fellowship with those who hold the same interest within the Association.

  5. To provide student athletes with opportunities for the development of athletic skills and physical fitness.

  6. To promote physical wellness by providing an environment in which student athletes become aware of their strengths and limitations, work towards their potential, and develop an interest in long term participation in athletics beyond their school years.

  7. To develop in student athletes, through the effort and personal conduct of the teacher/coach, positive relationships with peers and a sense of self control, sportsmanship and respect for others.

  8. To stimulate credible academic progress and respect for other worthwhile interests.

  9. To promote a variety of sports and encourage participation of the maximum number of students.

  10. To promote a closer relationship by participating with Boards of Education.

Means of Achieving the Objectives

i. To contribute to the health, happiness and general welfare of the student athletes from member schools by sponsoring well organized and properly supervised athletic activities.
ii. To acknowledge and promote the integral role of sport in schools.
iii. To encourage fair play and equitable opportunities for success in all levels of play.
iv. To conduct competitions, under OFSAA rules for the selection of LOSSA representatives to OFSAA championships.
v. To host OFSAA championships awarded to LOSSA. vi. To provide representatives to the OFSAA legislative council, Board of Directors and Standing Committees.
vii. To conduct such other tournaments, competitions and clinics where deemed mutually beneficial by LOSSA.