Convenor: Matt Goad (LOSSA Tennis Convenor)
School: Maxwell Heights S.S.
Email: [email protected]


Thursday, October 5 → Boys Singles, Boys Doubles
Wednesday, October 11 → Girls Singles, Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Tuesday, October 17 → Boys Singles, Boys Doubles
Thursday, October 19 → Girls Singles, Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles

Note: Mixed Doubles may be moved to the first day of junior or senior qualifying based on the number of entries per division.

Wednesday, October 25 (see finals draw sheets for timing of events)
Start: 7:30 arrival/warm-up
8:00 a.m. start time for ALL EVENTS
(Ten minute default rule applies from the time your match is called. This rule will be strictly enforced for ALL matches.)

Oshawa Civic Dome - 99 Thornton Rd. South, Oshawa (Indoor Tennis Courts) - Phone: 905-436-3888

Fees: $50 per player

Virtual Coaches Meeting: Thursday, September 28th at 4:00 pm – google meet link to be provided later

Draw format:
Round Robin matches to be played on a qualifying days.
Pro-set matches to be used on qualifying and finals days.
Top 4 players/teams to advance to a seeded draw on finals day with a 2 match guarantee.
(see finals draw sheets for timing of events)
Number of pools and round robin matches on qualifying days will depend on the number of entries.
Match length on qualifying days depends on number of entries (minimum 4 game pro-set maximum 6 game pro-set).

Match format:
On qualifying days, a 4 to 6 game pro-set format, including a maximum 5 minute warm-up, will be played for each match. There will be ‘no - ad’ scoring, with the receiver having choice of side on which to receive the serve. No tie-breaker to be used in qualifying matches so the player/team that serves first will serve the tie-breaker game. Late on Court during Pool Play - 0 to 5 minutes late - down 1 game; 5-10 minutes late - down 2 games; after 10 minutes late - lose match (winner gets a ___-0 score).

Finals Day – 8 game pro-set (tie-break at 7 games all)... 6-game pro-set (tie-break at 5 games all) once you’ve lost a match on finals day.

10 minute late policy in effect - default if more than 10 minutes late.
As on qualifying days, a 5 minute warm-up, will be played for each match. There will be ‘no - ad’ scoring, with the receiver having choice of side on which to receive the serve.

Serving and “lets” - If a ball hits the net during a serve but lands in, the ball must be let on a serve.

Junior - born in 2008 or after
Senior - born in 2005 - 2007
Juniors may play in the senior events.
A player may enter in ONLY ONE of the twelve events (10 high school divisions + open boys and girls). Each school may enter up to 2 entries per event with the following note: in the senior events each school is allowed up to a maximum of 2 combined high school/open players or teams.

All players including all possible substitutes must be on the two eligibility lists (submit one list for junior coed and one list for senior coed). Your two team eligibility lists must be done on AELS on the OFSAA website. See your P.E. head for information about how to complete this process. A FULLY SIGNED HARD COPY of all completed eligibility lists are due before competition.

Transfer students must be approved prior to the coaches meeting. If this applies to your players, contact your P.E. head immediately to ensure that the process and policy is followed promptly.

NEW: Please use the following google form for all entries into all divisions: 

Use the attached Rating System as a guideline.

Deadline for entries for ALL events is Friday, September 30th at midnight. Please be accurate with your entries. Changes to your line-up will NOT be allowed after draws and round robin schedules have been posted.

There will be no late entries accepted. Substitutions due to illness or injury must be made by the coach as soon as you arrive at the event, prior to the posting of the draws. All substitutions must be clearly submitted in writing. All substitutes must be on the eligibility lists and must be of equal or lower ability than the person they are replacing.

** NOTE ** Please do not enter players who cannot commit fully to all day competition on their qualifying day and on their finals day. If there are extenuating circumstances your requests may be considered up to 72 hours before the scheduled the event.

Medals and Trophies:
LOSSA medals are awarded in each event as follows:
Winner – Gold
Finalist – Silver
Winner of playoff between semi-final losers – Bronze
Loser of Bronze medal match – 4th place medal
5th through 8th place – LOSSA ribbons
• There are 4 team trophies to be awarded on a point system – Senior Girls, Senior Boys, Junior Girls and Junior Boys. If there is a tie, both teams will receive a pennant.
The following point system will be used to determine the trophy winners in all categories with 8 or more entries (with half the points awarded to boys and girls in mixed doubles):
6 pt. for gold
5 pt. for silver
4 pt. for bronze
3 pt. for 4th
2.5 for 5th
2 pt. for 6th
1.5 pt. for 7th
1 pt. for 8th

For point system for less than 8 entrants, see table below:

 7 entries  6 entries 5 entries  4 entries  3 entries  2 entries   1 entry
6 pt. for gold
5 pt. for silver
4 pt. for bronze
3 pt. for 4th
2 pt. for 5th
1.5 pt. for 6th
1 pt. for 7th
6 pt. for gold
5 pt. for silver
4 pt. for bronze
3 pt. for 4th
2 pt. for 5th
1 pt. for 6th
5 pt. for gold
4 pt. for silver
3 pt. for bronze
2 pt. for 4th
1 pt. for 5th
4 pt. for gold
3 pt. for silver
2 pt. for bronze
1 pt. for 4th
3 pt. for gold
2 pt. for silver
1 pt. for bronze
2 pt. for gold
1 pt. for silver
1 pt. for gold

There is an overall team trophy awarded to the school with the best results overall. If there is a tie, both teams will receive a pennant.

Note: Team trophies from 2022 (can be brought to the tournaments)

Senior Girls – St. Mary’s
Junior Girls – Henry Street
Senior Boys – St. Mary’s
Junior Boys – St. Mary’s
Overall Trophy - St. Mary’s

Open-Level Players
All players who have competed in any OTA (Ontario Tennis Association) tournaments at any level must submit a player profile with the entries. Coaches please ask your players for this information. players who do not reveal their past affiliation with OTA are subject to a withdrawal from LOSSA competition.

Dates for Open-Level draws to be determined based on number of entries.

A PLAYER PROFILE is available on the OTA website:

Duties of Coaches:
Each coach is responsible for supervising their players, including disposing of any garbage, ensuring their players are aware of their next match, and reporting any student’s misconduct at this off-site school event.

NEW: No coaching allowed during matches. If you are concerned about your player(s) or the opponent(s) with regard to any aspect of the match, an impartial coach can be assigned to monitor the match. This may be especially important for the junior divisions with many players who are new to the sport, but equally important to ensure fair play at the more advanced level. Please be available to monitor if needed during the events.

1. Email any relevant player profiles from OTA website in advance.
2. Two eligibility lists (Junior/Senior)
3. Fees - A school or personal cheque, or cash MUST be received at
the tournament desk. Receipts will be provided and there will be NO REFUNDS. Make cheques payable to Maxwell Heights Secondary School.

If you cannot attend please email me!
THERE WILL BE NO MEETINGS ON THE MORNINGS OF COMPETITION DAYS. There will be more information given out at the coaches meeting for you to share with your players.

Duties of Players:
To know the rules and match format.
Use of score boards, call the score before each point played, serve with 2 balls Call lines clearly (if unsure, ball is good),
Keep balls clear of court (in pockets if not using them). Wear proper attire including pockets for the balls and non-marking court shoes.

Players/teams will use a mini clipboards (as they do at OFSAA) to record the match score and have both players/teams sign off before reporting the score to the convenor’s desk.

Relevant Web Sites:
Ontario Tennis Association:
Tennis Canada Rules and Regulations: - officiating
Tennis Message Board:
OFSAA tennis is held in the spring (early June). Please visit

Please see the document below to help rate your players.